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1G Known Issues

1G Known Issues

The most up to date problems are listed here.  As they are repaired, the category will be modified to just “1G Repairs”.


  • (Bo) – Borrowed, likely to address an immediate issue
  • (Br) – Broken, not from normal wear & tear, it just broke
  • (Fa) – Failed, part was not within spec, possible warranty coverage
  • (Fi) – Failed, poor installation technique
  • (Re) – Replace, due to maintenance related wear down.

Oil Leaks – Front & Rear Seals (Fi)

Might as well do a tear down and replace these two offenders. Related Stuff: Boost Leaks Front Brakes – Replaced Front Passenger Wheel Bearing Cracked Exhaust Manifold

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Dip Stick (Bo)

Dip stick borrowed to feed the 2g back in February Related Stuff: Spark Plugs & Wires (Bo) Oil Switch for Dummy Light (Bo)

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A/C Lines Disconnected

None of them are even under the hood.  After changing the alternator belt though, I’ve noticed that the AC Compressor doesn’t come out to the same clearance as the harmonic balancer.  Wonder what that is all about …. Related Stuff: ...

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Wiring Harness Unsecured

Along the firewall, the harness is just floating.  Need to strap it down. Related Stuff: Radiator Fan Wiring – Repaired Snap On Harness – The Concepts

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Timing Belt Cover – Missing

Could not find one for the 91 block – only 93+ were available.  Need to procure the upper and lower covers. Related Stuff: New Timing Belt Missing Pieces Poor Timing for Bad Timing Broken Bolt – Block

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Broken Bolt – Block

One of the bolts holding the front casing to the block snapped.  Need to get that removed …. Related Stuff: 1G BOV Broken Oil Leak – Near Filter Timing Belt Cover – Missing

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