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Why You In Junk Yard!?  Oh… Got it.

Why You In Junk Yard!? Oh… Got it.

So we have this block from a junk yard and its left one question in my mind since I’ve pulled the heads off.  Why did you get ditched?!   Well, I found the answer today.  Lets take a look!

So it started when I noticed the alternator bracket and timing belt cover had grooves from the belt.  We know what that looks like, I left those photos out.  After removing the cover and the bracket, this is what I found.


(Above) The bolt used to secure the alternator bracket to the water pump.  Its obviously in need of replacement.

(Above) Lots of nasty below the water pump. The hole that the bracket bolt used was also malformed.

(Above) Behind the water pump, well looks like crap. Is that normal?  Also, notice the broken bolt on the top right? Hmmm….

(Above) And for the final indicator.  You may want to blow the photo up to see it, but there is a crack in the housing that can be seen on both sides.

So the assumption would be that the bolt at the top broke and the assembly was, at some point, under enough pressure to bend the accessories, change the path of the belt, and crack the water pump housing.  This would cause the coolant to constantly drain but no obvious place it was leaving.  Maybe it over heated? Maybe not, but with as much as I had to do to get it off, I’d be willing to bet that it would not had been a cheap repair.

Results: New water pump. Hell yes.

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