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On the Road Again …

On the Road Again …

Its been a little while, but it looks like we’ve made it back onto the road!  I’m still under 500 miles on the new motor, looking to change the oil at 600.   So… do you want to know how it runs?   How about I answer with: AMAZING!   There are some still some loose ends to tie up, such as the AC lines and belt.  The alternator belt also does not want to keep its tension.  Things still seem to be pretty good though.

Since we’ve dropped in the new motor, I’ve noticed that I go through about half the amount of gas that I used to.  Now, I don’t know if thats because the old engine just ran THAT poorly, or what the case may be, but I’m thankful.  I now fill up once every 2 weeks vs once every week.  Thats about $47 I can put into savings, pretty close to saving $100 a month. SWEET!

Did I mention how fucking fast this car is now?  I’ve considered removing 3′rd and 4′th gear because of how little I need them.  I have no problem staying behind asshole rage drivers at all anymore!  It really drives like something that I could put into a tree, so there are no plans to turbo it at this time.

So from here, the plan is to address the AC and start cleaning up the rest of things like the body work and such.  Its been a hell of an adventure, thats for shure!

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I'm a North Carolina transplanted girl reaching my 30's. A few years ago, I procured my first DSM that would eventually mature many of my skills. This website is dedicated to the stories, adventures, and lessons that the car has brought to me over the years.
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