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Ugly Batt Terminal

Ugly Batt Terminal

Over the past several months of having to work under the hood, I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is the battery set up here ugly, but it can also be difficult to deal with.   Basically, its a post-mounting terminal that has a back post to sandwich in 3 OEM harness ends,  secured by one wing nut.  Now, I’m a fan of putting things together and as one piece, and maybe they felt that was too much – they did break out 3 separate harnesses here but I think I found another solution.

Looking through some forums to find a stock image of a heater core, I came across a thread about a “Battery Relocation”  project on an NX.  Let me tell you, the inspiration it gave me has the angels singing. There original link/thread can be found here. I’m not going to post all their photos, most are irrelevant to what I envision, so check them out to see what they did.

This is what I’m going to do.  My power distribution block has some large connections on it as well, plus a few small ones.  Okay, so …. we’ve level the connection issue.  Guess what else it has?  A digital volt meter.  A big help considering that I’ve had to put a meter right there 80+ times in the past 2 weeks anyways. I won’t be relocating the battery any time soon, I don’t feel that I’ll have any great performance issues or anything like that.  It will certainly help with adding more electronics, future “Snap 0n” harnesses, battery disconnection, and so on.





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