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Front Passenger Wheel Bearing

Front Passenger Wheel Bearing

According to a kid that did my safety inspection, he could had failed me on the condition of the wheel bearing.  It isn’t part of their check list but certainly warrants some concern.  The idea ATM is to grab the entire knuckle from the “Blood Donor” and replace it’s bearings, clean up the assembly, and then just swap them out.  Most likely will do this to both sides.

Found a decent little tutorial on DSMTuners, a godsend when it comes to these cars, but since I don’t own any of these tools, and don’t care to …. I may let a shop install the bearings.

Tutorial is located here.

Update: 02/01/2014
While snatching up some other parts of a horrible repair, I grabbed everything but the axle off of the bad tranny to start this repair. :)

Update: 03/06/2014

Got the new assembly pressed and installed!   Make sure you get the tool that looks like a large 2 prong fork to knock that ball joint loose under the assembly – its a pain in the ass with any size hammer!

Enjoy the low-res photos off the new/salvaged assembly and the ball joint you’ll need fork-tool for.

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