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Ganes Doll

Ganes Doll

Found this car while trolling facebook.  I can’t get a good lead on who or where it is, but its pretty neat.   I think if I were to paint Moddy that solid flat desert tan, in 2 months she would look exactly like that photo from all the brake dust, oil, and otherwise.  Easy enough to self do, for shure.859500_638323349549976_519080526_o

I guess the hardest thing for me to accept is that the engine bay won’t really fit in with the outside …. I can’t have an engine bay looking bad and messy, it bothers me too much.

UPDATE: 2014-1-10

Found some new photos of this kind of work with better photos.  Credits go to Justin for the great find!

6928511046_7ee4d27636_o SlammedSociety-Fuji-018a

Photos were found here.

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I'm a North Carolina transplanted girl reaching my 30's. A few years ago, I procured my first DSM that would eventually mature many of my skills. This website is dedicated to the stories, adventures, and lessons that the car has brought to me over the years.
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