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I Often Wonder How I Have A Car That Works.

I Often Wonder How I Have A Car That Works.

So this week I was forced to do some repairs.   Moddy had been running like poop for a couple weeks, really the same symptoms as before.  Having your car out of time is like it has the flu.  No power, complains, fights, and just acts like a little bitch.  So this is the second time in 6 months that we’ve lost timing.  Last time, the crank sprocket had traveled down the shaft and just went looney.  This time, it looks like it simply jumped time. I didn’t line things up to take a measurement by how much, I just wanted it fixed.

So a couple of points were targeted during this, the highlights are below.

  1. Timing Correction
  2. Bolt Torque Inspection
  3. Oil Filter Housing Assembly Gasket Leak
  4. Power Steering Problem Cause
  5. Location Of Noises
  6. Oil Change
  7. Belt Tension Inspection
  8. Any Other Obvious Problems

By this time, base timing is a straight forward, 2 hour, 1 person job.  I’ve done this enough times now to know how dirty I’m going to get, how long its going to take, and so on; nothing new to see here.  Now, while I was down there, I was hoping to resolve a nasty oil leak I’ve had.  When I put the oil pump housing assembly on, in the spring, I didn’t apply any RTV or any thing on the gasket.  I just put the gasket on there, the housing, and the bolts in. Called it done and carried on.  Now, we require about a quart of oil per week.  It’s hard to tell if the leak is there, or in the general area.  So I replaced that, with RTV.  Also took special time to tighten the oil pan bolts. They were loose… but they seem to strip easily, so very cautious on those.  Did a simple wipe down on all the parts, but did not take any before photos, I wish I had.

With that done, and the timing right again, I decided to crank it up with out any auxiliary belts on – no water pump, no alternator, no power steering.  She fires up great, purrs like a kitten. Time to put the rest back where it goes.   Now if you know me and my car … this is pretty close to the area where things start going wrong, right? I managed to get everything put back together, nice and tight, with out breaking anything. I was able to get all tires back on the ground and drive it in a circle with out breaking anything new, with out issues.

Amazing right?  It gets better.  All the noises, whining, and power steering problems I had …. went away.  The clean-ish parts I had put back into the motor… still appeared clean, though it’ll take about a week of inspection to verify that the leak was fixed.  What I did find while under there was that it looks like the cross member has …. managed to slip out of its bolts.  Interesting how that works ….   Also, the power steering hose had at some point fallen onto the cam gears and started to get cut up.  Tsk tsk, bolted that sucker right back down.

From the time I had realize the timing was off again to the point of repair, I had still managed to drive the thing for a good 3+ weeks.  The oil leak has been a problem since April.   I have no idea how I’m able to drive this thing around with problems like that.  But shes going strong, like a freaking tank.

Here are some photos to go with things.


Photo of how wet the area around where I worked was.


See the notch in the hose? That is why it has a place to be bolted down.


I don’t even have words for this …. that is the cross member though.


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