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Poor Timing for Bad Timing

Poor Timing for Bad Timing

Didn’t I just say that I didn’t want to make this repair again this year?  To boot, it is even worse.m_DSCN0578m_DSCN0577

I had said that I felt like it was out of time just days after the repair but I really couldn’t prove it easily.  Maybe I’m just expecting too much, right? How about, WRONG.  So this time I pull things apart, I find more than just marks miss aligned.  I find this:

That is … pretty much par for the course with us.


Today I managed to get in and out of the local salvage yard with a new sprocket and woodruff key (And that Front Passenger Wheel Bearing I needed) with out much hassle.  A really good deal, as I didn’t expect the Bad Tranny to still be around there.  Sadly, the Bad Tranny is a 94/7 bolt crank and won’t be able to help us any more than what she has.

As of now, I can’t get the counter-balance sprocket to come up to replace the key.  A good look, even at the photo, shows that where the key sits is really … really screwed up.  If this works, I wouldn’t expect it to last a month.

One thing to note, for reference, is that a 94 7 bolt 4G63 with an automatic has the same sprocket as a 91 6 bolt manual.  They’re identical, in case you’re looking for that answer.  The woodruff keys appear to match as well, but I do still need to confirm that.

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