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Snap On Harness – The Concepts

Snap On Harness – The Concepts

Something has been rolling around in my head like a soda can floats around in the car during severe turns.  This whole swap of the engine has brought up concerns about the ease of future swaps & repairs.  Questions about how things would work out if we wanted to do a wire tuck in the bay or add more cabling for custom systems?  What if we wanted to add a secondary interior lighting system?

The wiring from the early 90′s didn’t really accommodate for modern options.  That is where the Snap On Harness comes into play.  The Snap On Harness is designed to be an elegant solution for a secondary and/or auxiliary systems.  The focus points were ease of installation, scalability, and OE look.

Below are some photos from what others have done and were an inspiration to me.  The proper installation of a Snap On Harness should look great at the shows and on photos while still make it easy to troubleshoot the end component.



Original Inspiring Post: [HERE]

IMAG1506 IMAG1508

This is the last DSMTuner’s link I’ll post for this, but it has a great amount of information and shows a bit of what is involved in the work, where to get some components for the DIY’ers out there.  There are even some ‘after’ photos that really do this project justice. [HERE]


Obviously these belong to another site, for construction machines.  Same idea, different implementation.

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