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Aeromotive – A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator

Aeromotive – A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator

One of the more expensive components in this is the pressure regulator.  There are all kinds of these suckers out there, some cheaper than others, some stock, they come from all kinds of different backgrounds and needs.  Fact is, I could had gone with the stock regulator if I had chosen another fuel pump. Since I will be sporting the Walbro 255, there is no stock FPR that will keep up. With the Walbro 190 or stock pump and appropriate connectors, I could had adapted the nipple for the fuel return to an AN fitting.  Personally, since I’m invest all of this time and money on the whole system, I felt like it would be an insult to the system to do all of that. There are also a few perks with doing it this way.

I chose the Aeromotive brand due their positive reputation.  They’re not known to be junk or cheap.  They aren’t bottom of the barrel manufacturers, so I feel confident giving them my money for exchange of a quality part. For my application, I went a little above and beyond.  I got an Aeromotive A1000-6 13109.  This thing has some features that makes it a perfect fit.  For starters, it will raise the pressure 1 psi for every 1 psi of boost it sees via the vac/boost line.  When I had planned this for installation on the N/A Moddy, this would had been irrelevant due to not having a turbo.  How ever, Kyuubi has a nice 20G force feeding it air and already starves the engine of fuel with its’ stock lines and FPR if we go above 8 psi on the intake.  The pressure is manually adjustable from 40 psi to over 70 psi, which also is a concern to the N/A set ups, as they run at about 37psi.

It has two 10 AN inlets and an 10 AN return port.  It also has a place for a mechanical gauge.  One of the things I’ve found about this guy, is that you can rebuild it.  If in the future you would rather rebuild than toss it, its possible.  New, these usually come in a kit with the gauge, bracket, some lines, the regulator – all for about $250.00 I got just the gauge, from an ebay seller, used, for about $60. I’ll have to make my own mounting bracket, which I’m okay with.  I have a few unique ideas as to where I’ll be mounting this but there are some regulations to consider if I seriously want to race this thing in the future.  I’ll also have to supply my own fittings and a gauge.  Again, this isn’t a huge issue, as it allows me to fine tune where I’m going to install things.

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