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More Fuel to the Holy Trinity.

More Fuel to the Holy Trinity.

You do know what the holy trinity is, right?

Fuel, spark, compression.

I’ve already put out a write up on upgrading the old fuel system, it has always been on my to-do list.  Finally, we’re making a little progress.  The main shunting factor in this project is doing it and keeping the car drivable for the next day.  I don’t really have a casual second vehicle, so everything has to be very carefully planned and researched before anything is attempted.

Edit:  As of February of 2015, I acquired the 2g, 98 Eclipse GSX, which will actually be getting this upgrade first.  While Moddy will be getting an identical upgrade in the future, the 2g actually needs it due to a problem with fuel starvation when boosting over 10 psi. Note that the parts should be the same unless otherwise stated, such as the fuel pump hanger/sending units.

As far as this write up goes, its going to listthe basic parts needed.  For the most part, it’ll set up you with a good idea for what is coming.  It is still generic, though.  After some thinking this out, putting it on paper, I realized that there are some small things that I will be doing to make it mine. Most of these things will likely get me criticized a bit by the other DSM’ers, my partner, and some others – but that is okay.  At the end of the day, I’m the one doing the driving and the maintenance.   Lead, follow, or get out of the way :).  Any one that feels negatively about what I do can talk trash from behind me.

This page will be the anchor for the project.  All of the parts, write ups, reviews, processes, notes, etc, will be found here.  I’ll attempt to go through each major component individually as this progresses. Remember that if you follow these pages for doing this to your car, you’re doing so at your own risk.  No one, including myself, is responsible for any damages, injuries,  or otherwise that occur to you, your car, or any one in or around it. Gas is flammable. If incorrectly installed, any fuel system can result in injury or death. So be smart, be safe.


Write Ups:

  • The original write up can be found here:  Fuel System Upgrade Disclaimer: This is an old article.  I wouldn’t bother reading it unless you’re interested in seeing how I’ve evolved on the subject.
  • The new write up can be found here: Fuel System Upgrade

Acquired Parts List:


  • Venting the fuel tank.
  • Pre-Regulator Electronic Sensor*
  • Depressurize Service Point*

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