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Kyuubi Has Tunes

Kyuubi Has Tunes

The previous owner was kind enough to include the stock stereo.  I don’t know if it works, I wasn’t going to bother.  At its advanced age, it doesn’t matter how nice it was, I have a replacement and I’m installing it.   I pulled the deck out of Moddy.  It is a  bit sad, but she needs so much work, I won’t be driving her for a while.  I really didn’t want to cut the harness but at this point, I’m not sure that I’ll get an adapter for this car.  More crimping, more heat shrinking, more time spent working this out.  At this time, I’m out of molex connectors, and the others I’d saved up so its just blade terminals for this one. I took the time to label everything on the stereo side of the harness, dressed it up for install.


With the stereo harness installed in place of the OE connector, things look okay.  One thing about my radio is that it has the constant 12v and ground connections that you’d expect, the remote/ignition wire to power the radio on at the appropriate times as well.  It also has its own remote/acc wire that powers devices attached to it when the radio is powered on.  This would mean that if the radio was on but the face plate removed or power button was it, things like the amp would shut off too.  I really took advantage of this and plan to put my amps on this circuit and even included the power line for the antenna motor.


Instead of crimping a ton of blade terminals together, I decided to use this distribution block instead.


I added a jumper from the radio’s pigtail to the new fuse panel.  With the key in and on, we have the sweet sound of success.   The only quirk here is that the front and door speakers aren’t working.  I expected the fronts to fail but I expected the door speakers to do something.  Now, they may be blown, or spliced some where.  I did keep the stock amp under the seat, so that might also be an issue.   Rear speakers are enough for me, though, so I’m not crying a bit. One thing to note, these radios belong in the upper DIN, not all the way down.  With the unit all the way down, I couldn’t even see the controls, so getting to them was impossible.

Second project has been pretty successful as well.

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