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Fuel Rail – Stock with Welded AN Fittings

Fuel Rail – Stock with Welded AN Fittings

This fuel rail is a bit of an optional route.  I happened to receive this at the same time as the fuel filter, from the same friend.  Its a stock 2g fuel rail with 8AN fittings welded onto the sides.  The reason why its being listed as a component is because I would either have to buy a new fuel rail completely or buy the adapter fittings to mate the stock rail to the AN fittings on the hoses.  Any of the routes are fine, he just happened to have this available.   Which ever route you go, make sure that you have the right fittings for your rail and that you also have the right rail for your head – the 6 bolt heads differ from the 7 bolt heads.  Do you homework on this if you’re running a stock fuel rail.

The only concern I have on this is that there is a small nick on one of the injector holes.  It doesn’t look like its a problem and the previous own claims that it didn’t leak for him.  When thinking about where the O-ring sits, it makes sense but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.


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