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Oil Dump

Oil Dump

February 25, 2015

I’ve slowly been knocking down the list of known issues on the Kyuubi.  One of the more recent items I’ve tackled is to change the oil and filter.  Seemed like a good idea, as it had allegedly been sitting for 2 years.   I figured, while I was down there, I would work on the oil pressure gauge.  The harness….. looks like crap, frayed with cracked wiring,  it’ll be a miracle to be able to ID the wire colors.  Also, it’s come to my attention, that the oil filter housing is for a non-turbo block.   This isn’t a huge concern, the turbo models have provisions for a coolant based or an air based cooling unit, based on year model.  My n/t oil filter housing on Moddy has two electrical connections, the first being for the idiot light – the oil pressure switch, and the second being the oil pressure sending unit – for the pressure gauge.  On the Kyuubi, I had noticed that the large device, for the gauge, was present and the other was MIA.  Seeing that I wasn’t going to tempt fate, I decide to continue on the course of leaving the mangled wire for now and install the manual oil pressure gauge I had on a shelf.

The idea was to install a T at the pressure sending unit, leave the OE unit in place in case I hook it up later, and add the tubing to the other end of the T, this was mistake number 1.  A quick search on DSMTuners.com showed several entries stating that the threading for these sensors was 1/8″ NPT, that was mistake number 2.   That thread size is readily available at most part and hardware stores.  I would need a nipple/tunnel to thread into the housing and the T.  This was different than in the past with other T’s, as I installed it with one of the side pegs on the nipple so that I could have the OE sender in it’s original orientation while letting the after market hardware come from the side.

It took longer to drive to the store than it took to install the parts.  Within minutes, I had most of it set up.  I had opted to leave off the tubing because it was getting late and I was getting too tired to navigate spiraled anything through the firewall.  I plugged up the other end of the T and cranked the car to verify that there were no leaks.    Things look great, dry, and no more malfunctioned than before – I happily got myself into bed.

March 13, 2015

Now, we time hop 16 days and 249 miles.  I haven’t had time to complete that gauge set up yet.  There has been no oil in my driveway, and it’s fresh and clean.  It has pressure and I have a family emergency.  I’m driving the Kyuubi back from the hospital when I hear something bounce off the road and dribble itself under my car.  It was dark, I didn’t see anything, but hell … maybe I wasn’t paying attention?  I heard it right before the off ramp and decided to pull into the first parking lot to check for damages.  I’m getting ready to leave town for a few days and don’t need a slow-leaking tire or anything, right?

I park the car and leave it running.  I jump out and see a bit of steam so I open the hood and grab the flashlight.  I’m surprised to find that the steam is not coolant …. but oil.  Oil, everywhere!  The noise I had heard was from the T bouncing off the road under the car.  I had dumped out all of that new oil and more continued to pour out.  I instantly freak out and shut the car off, it wasn’t knocking, chattering, or otherwise, so …. I think I’m okay.  A stranger gets me the 3 miles to the house and off to the store I go in the mommy-mobile to get oil before closing time.  Once home, I pull the same sensor I lost off of Moddy.  Interesting discovery, the sensor I pulled off the 1G is not in the same location it was on the Kyuubi.  Someone had installed the pressure sender in the hole for the pressure switch.  I wasn’t too concerned.  I took it, a coolant temp sensor – just in case, and the oil back to the lot where I had left the car.

With the help of a friend, we found that the pressure sender didn’t thread correctly with the housing.  Now … this complicates things.  When I installed the 1/8th NPT nipple, I had no problems getting it in and getting it tight. It never felt or appeared to be cross threaded.  The sender unit we put in was tight, crooked, and leaked oil as soon as we turned the engine over.  Good thing I brought the coolant temp sensor.  I’m not sure if the threading is damaged on the oil filter housing, the pressure sender I brought, or what the problem was, but we have the leak stopped enough to drive it home.   This is a major victory.

_DSC3045_DSC3046 _DSC3046_ZOOM

These are some photos on the condition of the threading.  Torn up is an understatement but things could have been much worse.  There was just enough threading left for the tapered style of the coolant sensor to stay in and seal the leak for the 5 miles to the house.

This is one of those times that I really felted pressured, no pun intended, to replace the broken/missing part as well as what it connects to.  I’ve heard the rule before, if you replace something that is broken, replace the first thing it touches on all sides.  Seeing as I can’t say whats going on with my threading and it doesn’t have the cooler provisions anyways, I feel it’s a great time to just replace it with the one I want, that is known to be good.

Through the help of social media, I found someone local with exactly what I wanted at a great price.  The visit to get the parts was overly educational and productive.  Speaking with Josh, I learn that the ports for the sensors are in fact 1/8″ BPT.   This was the whole reason I did the search on DSMTuners to begin with.  Unfortunately, I found more incorrect information than correct. I was able to get the housing, in good condition, with a gasket and a single sensor.  Now the housing I bought did not have a provision for the oil pressure sender but did have it for the pressure switch.  This was fine, as I still intend on using an after market gauge for the pressure.  Until I’m ready to install the oil cooler, I can block off the send/return ports with some locally available evo bolts.


And that is the photo of it installed.   You can see that the cooler ports are blocked off in the middle. You can also see that its quiet a bit different in configuration from the non-turbo OFH.  To the left is the oil restrictor for the turbo feed line, then the idiot light sensor in its correct BPT threaded port.  This OFH doesn’t allow for a pressure sending unit, and that’s okay.  We’re going to do a custom one  else where in the near future.  We’re running with no leaks!

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