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No Juice

No Juice

Kyuubi came with a battery that was dead on arrival.  Though it would hold a charge for a couple of hours, in the mean time I decided to pull the battery off of Moddy.  Today, it finally caved and failed completely, not holding a charge at all.  A local guy had an Optima Red Top battery with only 2 years of use.  Its estimated lifespan is approximately 3 or 4 more years. The Optima’s reputation is quiet well and the guy wanted $100 for it plus a few more parts I wanted to snatch up anyways.  The swap was done and it fired up with out a jump.    It was a tight fit into the 2G engine bay but no modifications were required to get it in.

It’s interesting to note that when I first got Moddy, I had to replace the battery.  Then, I had to do so again at least once, though Mari believes it to be twice.  We had a battery issue once with a warranty situation that cost me about $60 out of pocket for a new one, which was the Autocraft that just failed.  This makes it hard to tell exactly how many we’ve been through since the journey started.  I can’t really say if I’ve just been tossing poor/low quality batteries in the mix or if we really just kill them off that quickly.  That is the purpose of this whole site though, to keep a journal of issues so that we can study and attempt to improve on recurring issues, such as this one.

Victory is ours, today!  Mile 216663

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