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Fuel Labs – 81812 Fuel Filter

Fuel Labs – 81812 Fuel Filter

The next component on our parts list is the filter.  The fuel filter was a bit tricky for me.  I wanted something that would look good, stay in the modular design, and be easy to replace.  As with any filtering product, there is a balance of filtration vs flow, so keeping a larger port seemed like a good direction for a daily driver, where filtration was 7 microns or smaller.  In my previous, outdated write up, I had mentioned using a Russell filter that ran about $75 that had a replaceable paper filter element.

I decided to try another approach, as a friend of mind offered me a good deal on a Fuel Lab filter, the 81812 model.  Like the Russell, it sported 8AN in and out ports, also had the ability to just replace the filter element.  The specific filter I recieved from him, how ever, came with a steel mesh 40 micron 3 inch element.  He had to explain to me, because I felt like anything that large was worthless, that the steel mesh was the only element that could handle the E85 fuel.  After looking over the other components on the list, the Russell would had held me back from this, initially.

So with the Fuel Lab filter in hand, I’m able to swap elements based on the fuel type.  The steel mesh is cleanable, the filter itself can flow up to 200GPH (Gallons Per Hour).  All and all, this makes life a lot easier and allows for me to go continue on with the rest of my project

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