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ECMLink (32bit software) on Kali Linux (64bit OS)

ECMLink (32bit software) on Kali Linux (64bit OS)

I have never been able to brag about how Linux applications just work out of the box, ever.  This one is really no different either.    I’m assuming that if I had used a 32 bit version of Linux things would be better but I’m complicated and require 64 bit support.  Windows has filesystem problems related to 32 bit OS, there’s the Linux 32 bit time stamp bug, there’s the 4GB of RAM limit problem, and so on and so on.  The latest and greatest 64 bit has been summoned.

I chose Kali for a specific reason.  The problems I faced are identical in Debian and even seem to come up in Ubuntu.  Installing the program was a snap, we download the DEB file, go to the directory and run ecmlink_3_27_92_full.sh.  Now, I’m the CLI kind of girl, so that’s naturally how I install or launch things. Installation defaulted to CLI, and I think all is well.  We finalize with no error messages, life is good, until you go to launch.  I go to my Desktop and attempt to launch the program, the icon bounces…. but the application never starts.  I execute the command via CLI and get an error message about wanting to connect to an X server for the GUI.  Well, I’m in KDE so X is running ….. so what is the problem??  Its actually very simple: 32bit libraries are missing.  As one would think, I run apt-get install ia32-libs  but it tells me no, I’ve held back broken packages. To better complicate my installation, it would appear that 32 bit libraries weren’t disabled as an option in my system.  Here are my steps to getting around.

dpkg –add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get -f install
dpkg –configure -a
apt-get install ia32-libs

A slew of 157 dependencies were downloaded with this.  Just to make sure things were fine, I opened a CLI session and executed the installer again.  This time, the GUI installer launched – something I had never seen in Linux.  Upon clicking the launcher, ECMLink pops right up without a fuss and ready to log.  Make sure that you set your ports correctly for your setup when you’re using the Linux installations!


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