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Frothy Talon

Frothy Talon

Another donor story for not just Kyuubi, but the 2.3L Stroker.  A friend hit me up with a lead on a clean 2g in a pull yard.  He said he already got the turbo – good for him, but his pictures show the head to be present.  The walk-on fee for the yard proved to be worth checking out.  Not only was the interior of the head super clean, but some one had the love to put in some good ARP studs as well. For the price of walking out with what ever you could carry, I couldn’t help but to start cutting lines, wires, and anything else that was flexible.  A bit of elbow work on the head studs and associated fasteners, the head came right off with the intake and exhaust manifolds still attached.  Managed to even get a Mitsubishi valve cover out of the deal, which was a huge plus.

Year: 1995 | Model: Talon TSI (AWD) | VIN: unrecorded | Odometer Mileage: unrecorded

The following parts were taken:

  • Mitsubishi branded Valve Cover (Presents in good shape)
  • 2g 7Bolt Head (Presents in good shape)
    • Stock Cams
    • Stock Cam Gears
    • Stock Springs
    • Stock Valves (Presents in good shape)
    • ARP 7bolt Head Studs
  • Intake Manifold
  • Throttle body – with elbow
  • Associated intake sesnors
  • Associated intake wire harness branches
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Thermostat Housing (busted)
  • Associated coolant sensors
  • Associated coolant wire harness branches


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