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Mighty Max

Mighty Max

A some what unusual donor, this tired old Mighty Max that we happened upon at Cape Fear PickNPull gave up a part that was proving hard to find: its crank shaft.  One of the essential parts of the 2.3L Stroker build, the 100mm crank from the 4g64 can be a few hundred bucks new.  We were able to pull this one, though it did have a spun bearing that landed it here.   Our trusty machine shop turned it out, 0.01″, which is still usable.  The crank that was in our 2.3L would have needed to be turned out to 0.02″ and is typically considered unacceptable.  Along with the crank, I managed to grab a few spare connectors as well.

Year: 1991 | Model: Mitsubishi Might Max | VIN: unrecorded | Odometer Mileage:246,708


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