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Light’em Up

Light’em Up

Its really a sad day when the removal of an after market part is removed and replaced with a stock part.  This is even more true when its a part of the exterior.  I had to do something about these halo “projection” head light things that came with the car.

I had been driving with them for a while now, they just weren’t cutting it for many more.  The pattern was crazy, the brightness was off and frankly, I just grew tired of how they looked vs the stock head light units.  In my opinion, the stock units never looked bad, they just didn’t come with the car.

While out at a pull yard, I happened across a set of 2Gb units that were in decent condition.  By decent, I mean, they had yellowed a bit and needed polished.  To my amazement, they were really damn hard to get off of the car.  I had to remove the bumper to get to the 1 bolt on the bottom side, and there was some black magic going on around the fender area too.  Lessons were learned that day, and for $40 I walked out victorious.

No surprise that the Advance Auto that is 3 miles away has me down as a weekly regular.  I stop in and ask one of my buddies at the counter “What do you have on the shelf for polishing headlights that you know works?”  Jim thought for a minute and said “That would be the Meguiar’s One-Step Headlight Restoration Kit”, as he pointed in the general direction.  It was a bit pricier than I expected, but so far I’ve spent a combined total of less than half the cost of a single head light unit.  I’m still ahead of the game.

This kit contained a few things.  The buffing tool for your drill,  2 sand paper pads and a handle for them, a cutting compound, a finishing compound, and a microfiber cloth.   Literally everything that you’d need to do this except for the AC power and a drill.  It took about 10 minutes of work to get the first one done.  The results were pretty nice.  I have a side by side photo of the results.



The improvement is just beyond measurable. Getting them installed wasn’t too much of a hassle.  The hardest part of all of this was getting bolt out of the driver’s unit with the power steering stuff in the way.  In total, this whole thing took maybe 2 hours of my life and less than $75.  I had enough material left to even polish up my old lights.  Since I was so pleased with the look of the stock ones, I ended up selling the old.  The final result was is below.



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